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SM ID Card Holders Benefits

SM ID Card Holders benefit your employees, bottom line and the environment.

With the SM ID Card Holders, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and create a great new employee benefit. The SM ID Card Holders has no cost to implement and offers extensive personal training and marketing to ensure that your prepaid card program is a success. We understand what matters to you and have provided the best customer service in the industry since 2003.

Client Benefits:

Reduce Cost

Expanding electronic direct deposit participation, with the help of SM ID Card Holders will have a significant cost savings over the current method of printing and delivering checks and wage statements.

Improve Efficiency

The SM ID Card Holders will expand electronic direct deposit participation and will eliminate the need to distribute regular pay checks and wage statements to employees. By eliminating paper checks the possibility of exposure to check fraud will be minimized, lost or stolen check problems will be eliminated, business continuity will be improved and off-cycle payment problems will be lessened.

Businesses saved a total of 6.7 Billion over last 10 years visual.

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